We are doing things slightly differently this year for various reasons, and we are asking for gift-type donations rather than foodstuffs.

We have a list of items which we’d like multiples of if possible, and some more expensive single items which we need regularly for referrals we receive. If you’d like to support us and the families who need OUR support, we’ll gladly receive your donations in the week leading up to Friday 2nd December at our Basepoint hub. That’s our deadline this year for receiving donations as we need time to get everything organised, into parcels and delivered!

For a bit of fun the items are on a spinner, however, if you don’t like what it lands on, spin again, or please just choose something off the list! Remember, all donations to the Basepoint hub between Monday 28th Nov. and Friday 2nd Dec. Play now:×5

Christmas Spinner List:

1 Microwave

1 Toaster

6 Items of stationery

3 Chocolate Selection Boxes

3 Packs of Xmas Tree Choc Decorations

1 Electric Kettle

5 Boxes of Mince Pies

3 Puzzle Books

2 Cutlery Place Sets

6 Packs of Colouring Pencils

3 Small Ladies Toiletries

2 Packs of Dog Treats

Thank you! 🎄🎄