AOK was founded by Kerry Snuggs in 2014 after a tremendous act of kindness involving a large group of people who put their plans aside for the day to look for some lost rings after a cry for help on Facebook. The rings were found and reunited with their delighted owner.

We realised that many other people in the community needed help and support so the Facebook group remained open and Acts Of Kindness Community (Solent) was born.

​We encourage the people in the community to become involved in helping one another through crisis situations and we have an incredible band of volunteers who can help with everything from delivering food parcels, sourcing and recycling furniture, supporting people into their first home, supporting families with white goods and small household appliances and most importantly getting them through any crisis.

We want to enable the community to thrive on kindness and to work in partnership with other agencies and charities – together we are stronger.

We believe it is all about the little acts of kindness which bring the community closer, because, together we are stronger.

Our Mission

To work in partnership across the Solent area to support those in crisis, advocating for change, and providing services framed to best suit the needs of individuals.

Our Vision



To be a community in which those in difficult situations can access support without fear of


These items help create our food parcels for people in need


Make a donation today and you will contribute to change


Furniture, kitchen appliances, children's toys are welcomed


All clothes from babies right through to adults are welcomed


Mobile Phones, Laptops and more can help raise funds or be re-used